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Custom Clearance

LLC «P.R.A.-LTD» has been on the market as a customs broker since 1993. To date, it is registered in the registry of customs representatives and has a certificate No. 0268/05 dated 07/01/2019.

For more than 30 years, the company has provided customers with speed, convenience, and reliability in the customs clearance of goods in the process of international transportation.

The assistance of our experts will ensure prompt and legally justified customs procedures, as well as accurate calculation and optimization of customs payments and taxes. For each client, we develop an individual interaction scheme, fully adapted to its characteristics.

LLC «P.R.A.-LTD» provides professional services in the field of customs clearance for both legal entities and individuals.

Costs for the services of a customs representative will lead to saving both time and financial resources.

Our company provides a full range of services for customs clearance of any type of cargo and places them under the following customs procedures:

  • Import
  • Export
  • Transit
  • Temporary importation
  • Temporary export
  • Reimport
  • Re-export
  • Bonded warehouse

LLC «P.R.A.-LTD» provides services at all stages of customs clearance of goods.

Preliminary documentary support for foreign economic activity

  • conducting a preliminary analysis of documents for the transportation and customs clearance of cargo;
  • drawing up or reviewing an existing supply contract;
  • preparing and coordinate all necessary transport documents;
  • classifying goods according to TN VED of the EAEU;
  • defining non-tariff and technical regulation measures;
  • calculating the customs value of goods;
  • calculating customs payments, taxes and fees;
  • obtaining certificates of conformity and other permits for customs clearance of goods;
  • analyzing customs risks for each product.

Customs clearance process:

  • placing goods and means of transport under any necessary customs procedure;
  • issuing a declaration for goods, including a declaration of customs value and adjusting the declaration for goods, if necessary;
  • representing the interests of the company of the recipient of the goods in the customs authorities when coordinating documents in the functional departments of the customs;
  • conducting preliminary examinations and participating in customs examinations of goods;
  • providing consulting services related to the entire process of customs clearance, including the payment of customs duties with their transfer to the ELS.

Obtaining certificates and all necessary permits for the import or export of goods:

  • certificate of conformity;
  • declaration of conformity;
  • certificate of state registration (SGR);
  • conclusions of Radio Frequency Centers;
  • FSB notification;
  • conclusion on the possibility of import and export;
  • licenses;
  • certificate of origin;
  • verification and preparation of technical documentation for goods;
  • expert opinion on the assessment of the cost of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • expert opinion of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry that the goods were in use;
  • refusal letters from VNIIS;
  • negative decisions on the application;
  • export control of dual-use products (conclusion of EXKONT);
  • phytosanitary certificate;
  • veterinary certificate;
  • act of phytosanitary control.

Registration of transit:

  • registration of transit declarations in paper and electronic form;
  • registration of transit of goods using the TIR Carnet (TIR);
  • opening of transit and closure of delivery of goods in the customs authorities, both at checkpoints on the border of the Customs Union and at internal customs posts;
  • ensuring the payment of fees and duties during the transit of goods.
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