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About us

The company group «P.R.A.» is an association of experienced and highly qualified individuals, who specialize in the fields of customs, logistics and consulting services. In the group of affiliated companies P.R.A. includes:

  • LLC «P.R.A.-Ltd» is an officially registered All-Russian Customs Representative
  • LLC «Northern way» – a company specializing in the field of transport and logistics solutions

We provide professional services in the field of customs clearance, foreign economic activity, international and domestic transport of goods. In addition, our specialists give advice on all aspects related to customs legislation, including the obtainment of FCS classification decisions and permits for the import and export of goods. Our highly qualified team with extensive experience provides high-quality and efficient service at all stages of the transportation of goods.

We strictly adhere to the principles of reliability and efficiency and guarantee the protection of the rights and interests of our customers.

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The main advantages of cooperation with us

  • Extensive geography of customs clearance
  • Competitive prices for services
  • Timely delivery and clearance of goods
  • Extensive geographic coverage
  • Transportation of goods by any means of transport
  • Implementation of innovative technologies to improve service
  • Financial guarantees for the fulfillment of obligations
  • Integrated logistics solutions
  • Professional management for high quality service
  • Guaranteed risk reduction
  • Client-oriented and individual approach
  • Rich experience with a variety of products and vehicles
  • A team of experts capable of handling any challenge

Entrusting us with logistics and customs clearance issues, you save time and get the opportunity to focus on developing your business!

Our mission

  • We strive to provide a high professional level of customs clearance and cargo delivery
  • We guarantee reliability, quality and timeliness of services, as well as a flexible pricing policy
  • We bear full responsibility for the fulfillment of our obligations, manage risks and guarantee the solution of tasks of any complexity
  • We protect the interests of our clients-participants of foreign economic activity
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We are committed to providing the finest quality customs clearance and logistic services, emphasising on reliability, punctuality and pricing flexibility. We are happy to answer any questions.

Headquarters «P.R.A.-LTD»: Road to the Turuchtanny Islands, 10A, Saint Petersburg, Russia
+7 (812) 718 67 64

09:00 am - 07:00 pm from Mon to Fri